Ушачский лесхоз

The state wood economic establishment «Ushachsky timber enterprise» Extent of terrain from the north on the south - 37км, from the east on the West - 80км.

The timber enterprise Office is in the item of Ushachi in 185 km from Minsk, in 145 km from the regional centre - cities of Vitebsk and in 40 km from the proximate railway station – Polotsk.

The yielded timber enterprise Vitebsk The state industrial wood economic affiliation which in turn submits to the Ministry of a forestry of Byelorussia submits.

The Ushachsky timber enterprise Vitebsk ГПЛХОis located in the central part of Vitebsk area in terrain of Ushachsky administrative area. Now 7 forest areas enter into composition of Ushachsky timber enterprise: Ushachsky, Glybochansky, Velikodoletsky, Kosarsky, Kublichsky, Plinsky, Sorochinsky. The timber enterprise area on 1/1/2011 of year compounds 72 586 hectares., including 61 168 hectares covered with wood.

According to existing Wood cultivation geographical demarcation of terrain of the republic, effected I.D.Jurkevichem and V.S.Geltmanom, the Ushachsky timber enterprise is located in a subband shirokolistvenno-fur-tree (dubovo-temnohvojnyh) woods and falls into to the Polotsk wood complex Western-Dvinskogo wood cultivation area.

The climate of area a timber enterprise locating is moderate-warm, wet also develops under the influence of air masses of moderate widths and separate occurrences of Arctic air, it is characterised the security depressed warmly and the raised humidity, i.e. it is close to a climate of South taiga woods. It the aspen, an alder grey provides optimum conditions for growth of such breeds as a pine, a fur-tree, a birch warty.

Belarus Poozere whom the terrain of timber enterprise-it edge of numerous lakes and the educed river system, Zapadnaya Dvina falling into to basin concerns. Only western part of timber enterprise is bound to basin of Berezina.

The basic waterway is Zapadnaya Dvina which mid-annual water discharge at Polotsk compounds 265 m3/seconds.

The Ushachsky timber enterprise covers headwaters of basin of the river of Ushacha. On the right the river runs into it Kroshenka proceeding through lakes Dolzhino, Vechele, Volcho bordered with pine borons. At the left the river is bound to the lake of Matyrino. In headwaters of the river of Ushacha, near to large forests, there are lakes Zvon, Zamoshe, Tartak and a series of others also bordered with mossy borons. Among birch woods the lake Podjazno lies. Especially large lakes (Cherstvjatsky, Paulsky, Janovo, etc.) are in a northeast part of terrain of timber enterprise, but they have no wood environment.

The basic let out production: forest products round coniferous and foliaceous breeds, a pulp wood, plywood raw materials, fire wood fuel, technological raw materials, manufacturing of fellings of houses and economic constructions, small the architectural forms, preparation of New Year's fur-trees, birch sap preparation, realisation landing stuff and seeds, the organisation of the hunting rounds.

In timber enterprise reacts: 7 school forest areas an aggregate number of 218 persons, are fixed 2760 hectare of grounds. Schoolboys annually assist in wood alighting, preparation of knobs, enclosing of anthills, manufacturing of small houses for auks. Most awakely in all questions the school forest area in Orehovsky ГОСШreacts.

In timber enterprise also react: the primary organisation BRSM registered in 2009 and numbering more of 20 members;

The primary organisation of veterans of Ushachsky timber enterprise – chairman Pugachev Tom Ivanovich.

The timber enterprise mailing address: 211480 Vitebsk area, the item of Ushachi, street Wood, the house 6.

Ph. 8-02158-2-19-10;

Bodies. / a fax 8-02158-2-23-15; 2-17-30

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